Friday, January 19, 2007

G String

I was at a game centre, and noticed somebody squatting on the floor, with their pants showing from the rear... about 10 centimeters above their jeans. On closer inspection I saw it was a G string (Or T-back as it is known over here... which actually makes more sense in my mind). Not any old G string, but a new, lacy, white, sexy G string. Cool! So I went in for an even closer look... that is when I saw HIS face. Dear God... (( ( ( (;^^)/


Anonymous said...

Supercool stuff! Found you on the Japan Blogger thingie. I like the photos -- please keep them coming! And I'm curious -- did you ever find out if the military are following you?

FlatSpin said...

My God, a real comment from a real live person! My very first one... congratulations!
Yeah, the military vehicle that followed me was actually waiting for me on a main road... he was talking on a radio as I approached, and as I turned onto the main road he immediately started following me. Until I suddenly pulled over and took his photo. They've probably got a file on me somewhere now. Oh well, at least I got some attention!
I like the street pix on your site!