Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Push the switch!

This is a really crappy photo that I took of the Ferris wheel in Yokohama. As you can see, it's really crappy. The photo I mean, not the wheel. Actually the wheel was pretty cool.

This is the same wheel (maybe) taken by somebody else who isn't me. I borrowed it from another site. Hopefully they won't miss it. I guess I'll have to return it if they get upset. Anyway, the other site is His style of writing is enjoyable and fills me with bright lights of wisdom. Or am I having another break from reality? No, I DID enjoy reading his site.

That's right, I had a point to this post. While I was sitting inside the car (carriage, box, gondola, steel and glass cage) I saw there was a tiny little switch, and a big red notice...

I SO wanted to touch that switch. Not only touch it... but caress it, love it, and then push it madly until the whole wheel fell apart...

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