Friday, January 19, 2007

G String

I was at a game centre, and noticed somebody squatting on the floor, with their pants showing from the rear... about 10 centimeters above their jeans. On closer inspection I saw it was a G string (Or T-back as it is known over here... which actually makes more sense in my mind). Not any old G string, but a new, lacy, white, sexy G string. Cool! So I went in for an even closer look... that is when I saw HIS face. Dear God... (( ( ( (;^^)/

Sunday, January 14, 2007

DVD copy

Found this magazine in a konbini the other day (sorry, I had to use my keitai to snap the photo). It gives detailed instructions on how to copy commercial DVDs, talks about copy protection, and even gives lots of detailed instructions on how to set up torrents. Including Winny... a Japanese P2P file-sharing program.


OK, so I went to a hairdresser today, I've been to the same shop once before, so I thought it was a pretty safe place to go back to. I mean, I got a simple haircut last time, and it turned out pretty well. Anyway, the guy that cut my hair last time wasn't around, but a nice older lady took care of me. Sure, I got a haircut... but I also got a shave... my neck was shaved, my face was shaved, my forehead was shaved, my NOSE was shaved, and my ears were shaved. Is this normal? I'm not complaining, but since when do people get their nose shaved??! Have I become so out of touch? Is this the latest craze at the moment? Or is it a Japanese thing? I've NO idea.
The massage was really good though. Oh, and the haircut itself turned out well. I think. I can't see very well at the moment, because of the special cream(?) she rubbed all over my face... it seems to have shrunk my skin. Everything feels tight. So my eyeballs are kind of stretched. Oh well.