Friday, April 27, 2007


From Wikipedia,

Goon is a slang term referring to thugs hired by bosses or other authorities.
I'm not even sure what these are... some kind of wet tissue? But I can't imagine that any self-respecting Yakuza would actually use something packaged like this.

5.5 Terapixel camera

I have photographic proof of the existence of a 5.5 Terapixel camera. That's 5.5 TRILLION pixels! Please appreciate the extreme difficulty I had in obtaining these photographs... the child had to be distracted before I could even get close to this camera.

Dog food

Yes, that's right... this is dog food. Doggy type cakes and puddings in fact. I wish I could afford to eat this well.

Healthy and fresh fish

False advertising... these fish don't look all that healthy to me. They look slightly dead!