Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Let's play pachinko!

Hey, this place may look a little shabby, but you can't beat the prices! And no complaints about second hand smoke, no noise, lots of fresh air, and a dead pigeon. Cool! But I won't upload the photo of the pigeon, sorry. I think it's head is missing.

I've driven past this place a few times, but hadn't ventured in until today. At first I just walked around the outside, then worked up the courage to go inside. (I heard some noises from the upper floor... I was worried about Mafia dudes) Took about 20 photo's altogether, and went for a pee in the toilet... hmmm, is that relevant? Well, I was trying to pee, hold my camera, look over my shoulder, and fight off the spiders.

The funny thing about this place is that it looks like the owners left in a hurry; all the machines were still there, paperwork lying around, office equipment, sofa's, dead pigeon, phones. Everything was smashed, or in the case of the bird, headless, but it was all there. AND, I found the only thing that wasn't damaged... a large safe... still locked (how do I know that?? Of course I tried to open it!). Too big and heavy for me to cart away... is it full of cash... or a pigeon head...

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