Friday, June 09, 2006

Cremation in Japan

In Japan 99% of all deceased are cremated, which is hardly surprising considering the limited space available here. (Sorry, I've no idea what the other 1% do) Buddhist ceremonies are the most common, and are quite elaborate, with a lot of respect shown for the dead.

In this photo you can see what appears to be at first a mass cremation, but don't be alarmed, the smoke is actually due to a group of old guys burning vegetation, which I might add is illegal in Japan (as far as I know). When I slowly drove past them they all stopped work and glared at me. Maybe they were looking for something more exciting to burn than dead leaves. Actually I really wish I had gotten a photo of their evil glaring, but I'm not bold enough at the moment. Maybe later, after I stop repeatedly checking over my shoulder for the military guys.

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