Monday, July 24, 2006

Need to pee?

I discovered something interesting... this can of grilled cheese Pringles (very nice, I might add) is totally inadequate in size. I mean, when you are totally busting to pee, there's no toilet nearby, what are you supposed to do? Yes, I could have jumped out of the car and flopped it out, but people over here sometimes stare at gaijin at the best of times. I'd rather not have to deal with their looks while trying to pee. So I went for the Pringles can. No problem... except the can was getting fuller and fuller, and I really didn't want to stop. I finally shut it off when the can was filled to the brim, unfortunately it was really full, overflowing to be honest, and my jeans got wet. I nervously checked around me, nobody watching, so I opened the door, tipped out the can, and went for the second act. What a relief! But maybe I should complain, the can was too small. However the plastic lid did make it easier to take this photo.

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